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Russian as a Native Language

Many teachers who have had experience of teaching in Russia are trying to teach children living abroad as though they were native speakers of Russian. However, these children speak the language of their host country [oftentimes the country where they were born], whereas Russian has become a second language to them.

The outcome of such teaching practices is predictable: children simply do not study the language. Imagine: a child does not know basic, simple words, while he is forced to study conjugations, cases and other such things. That is the surest way of discouraging them from studying any language. Russian is being rejected. Moscow News

For most Russian children abroad, Russian language is limited to simple home vocabulary. Therefore, the main goals of our classes are to

  • improve vocabulary so children can express more complicated thoughts and ideas
  • learn and improve writing and reading skills
  • learn grammer and structure of language

It is impossible to achieve these goals without including literature, history, and culture of Russia

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